Mystic Muse Art and Yoga

When creating, time stands still while I am focused on the process of transformation and self-exploration. By examining cycles and patterns of awareness in everyday life, I translate my experiences into art assembled from found objects and various mixed media. Carefully observing the connections between the individual and collective, I draw inspiration from various wisdom traditions and the study of consciousness. The act of creation serves as a method of healing, a meditation, a process of turning within. Driven to make connections, I assemble parts to rediscover the unity of all things, searching to find equilibrium and truth.

Lindsay Jamison is a visual artist, yoga & mindfulness instructor based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She loves being immersed in nature, exploring the unknown, creating mixed media art, but most of all inspiring individuals to pursue their truth in life. Her passion is to make visual arts, yoga and mindfulness accessible to everyone, empowering the community with tools for positive growth and self-transformation.